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Managed IT Services

Unpredictable IT costs and variable service levels are a recipe for unhappy executives, internal customers and any organization’s bottom line.

MoeCloud offers a comprehensive range of fixed-price, managed IT services that cover all aspects of your technology—from servers to network to expertise to infrastructure—and your peace of mind.


These solutions feature:

  • Unlimited Support Center (helpdesk) access for all users

  • Managed, consistent patching of servers and workstations after-hours

  • Remote access for all staff to their desktop computers

  • Full protection of all computers against viruses, spam, and spyware

  • Monthly reports on security, inventory, network health, and more

  • 24 x 7 server health monitoring

  • Ongoing on-site visits from your Optimal Engineer

  • Emergency on-site support

  • Strategic planning and budgeting

  • Systems documentation


For a fixed price each month (per server and per PC), you receive MoeCloud Enterprise service package that takes care of your entire IT operation! You’ll experience:

  • A more productive work environment

  • State-of-the-art technological support

  • Top-shelf service

  • Increased network up-time and reliability


  • What would you do if your servers—holding your mission-critical information, your email programs, and databases—crashed?

  • Productivity would undoubtedly come to a screeching—and costly—halt, but how long could you be down before relationships and ‘business-as-usual’ became unrecoverable?

  • Optimal server monitoring and management service is designed to make sure your organization does not have to endure (or even think about) this scenario. It includes server monitoring, critical patch application and management, hardware and software inventories, and response and remediation of critical issues to ensure that your servers are secure and running 24/7. Through proactive monitoring and real-time remediation, we help you stay in front of and avoid server—and organizational—disasters.

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